About Us

Global Network Infrastructure Solutions, Inc: 14 Years of Focus, Expertise and Commitment to Excellence. Our mission is to apply professional management to an expanding recycling and surplus asset reclamation services, achieving cost savings, environmental compliance, and the highest degree of traceability to our clients.


Global NIS, Inc provides expertise in compliance and experience to enhance your company’s electronic asset deposition and recycling programs. Global NIS is affiliated with the State of California Collectors program that helps ensure proper disposal of all equipment. We provide timely pickup and reliable data destruction of hard drives / media tapes in a one stop solution for all your Electronic Waste.


  • Commit to doing all we can to recycle 100% of everything we receive [reduce, reuse, recycle].
  • Ensure customer data is protected and destroyed.
  • Continually look for ways to improve e-waste recycling efficiency.
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