Hardware Decommissioning & Data Center Consolidation At Global Network Infrastructure Solutions, Inc [Global NIS, Inc] we provide de installation, data destruction, recycling and disposal solutions to firms who have technology investments that have reached the end of their service life or no longer fit the needs of the company.

Global NIS, Inc. has helped many companies with inventory and liquidation of their servers, data networking and office computer equipment.

Asset Management

We are an Asset Management and Recovery Company.


  • Rack Deconstruct
  • Server De-installation
  • Asset Tracking
  • Data Destruction
  • Asset Recovery
  • eWaste Recycling
  • Asset Reporting
  • Certification of Data Wiping
  • Logistics


  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Network Equipment
  • PCs
  • Test Equipment
  • Printers
  • Telephone systems

Data Center Server De-Installation

Server de-installation , deconstruct and/or decommissioning. No job to big or to small. Let us know what you need done!

Data Destruction Hard Drive & Media Tapes Destruction

  • Onsite / Offsite Degaussing
  • Certifications & Compliance

Your time and energy is best spent on your core competencies. The asset recovery specialists at Global Network Infrastructure Solutions, Inc. have the experience, breadth of knowledge and marketing approach to undertake the de-installation and liquidation of assets for you and handle your disparate assets in quantity, on time and to your satisfaction.

Please contact us to schedule an in-depth call to discuss your needs and the asset recovery solutions we can offer.
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Why Choose Us?

Secure, Simple & Rapid Data Destruction

Onsite & Off-Site Data Destruction, Degaussing and Electronics Recycling

IT Asset Removal & Responsible Recycling

Secure Collection & Transportation Bins, Zero Export & Zero Landfill Policy. Trained Security Technicians.

Chain of Custody IT Asset Auditing & Reporting

Auditable Serial Number Inventory, Notarized Certificate of Recycling & Destruction, Weight & LEED Reporting.

Compliance with Federal, State & Local Laws


Secure Plant-based Facilities

24/7 Surveillance of Facility, Access Controls, Vehicle GPS Tracking & Two-way Mobile Communications.

Reputation for Dependability & Responsive Service

Excellent 14-year Track Record of excellent service.